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Coconut cream moisturizing shampoo.<br /><br />Lavish shampoo targets moisture deprived hair. A combination of botanical extracts supports strength and resilience. This luxury shampoo will nourish and hydrate your hair, resulting in effortless shine. It is paraben and alcohol free.
2oz: $15.00
8 oz / 236 mL: $29.00
32 oz / 1 L: $56.00
Level 10

Level 10

Toning shampoo for brigter blondes.<br /><br />Level 10 toning shampoo uses the toning power of violet to refresh and restore balance to natural blondes, highlighted or grey hair. Use as often as you need to prevent brassiness. Leave in for a few minutes for a greater effect.
8oz / 236mL: $32.00
32 oz / 1 L: $65.00

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