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Five ways to keep your great hair colour longer

The months of July and August are usually the hottest and brightest months of the year and this year was definitely no exception. We have had a great summer filled with record breaking temperatures, Naturally, with this extreme heat comes a great deal of sun shine. We generally feel great on those hot sunny days, but your hair will tell you a different story. Although the sun does put us all in a great state of mind, as we feel all warm and cosy it does reek havoc on our hair. The sun can dehydrate your hair as well as alter your professionally formulated personal hair colour. The following suggestions are great ways of keeping your hair colour looking great for as long as possible between your visits to Valvano. Number One: The first and most obvious way to keep your hair looking its best in the summer months is very simple. That is, to limit your exposer to the sun. Number Two: Make sure to use proper shampoos and conditioners. To know the ones that are best suited for you, the professionals at Valvano will take the time to analyze your hair and make specific recommendations based on your hair texture and density. The right shampoo and conditioner are so important to get right. Furthermore, the wrong products can add to the dehydration of your hair and prematurely fade your colour as well. At Valvano we have shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated to help with both dehydration and early fading of colour. Number Three: Once you have the right product, it is imperative that they are used in the right fashion. There is no need to shampoo your hair more often then necessary. For most, every day is too much. Actually, an adult's hair and scalp do not need to be cleansed everyday. In fact natural oils are very good for the heath of your hair. Brushing oils from the scalp onto your dry hair add lustre and strength to your locks. Number Four: Hair care products are applied and left in the hair to perform a specific job, and that is to protect of you hair. These products come in different formulations depending on your needs and hair type. A Valvano expert can assist you in finding just the right leave in product best suited for your needs. Products such as Begin, Light headed and Conditioning Spray, are all great prep products that protect your hair against the UV rays of the sun and the heat of a blowdryer and/or any hot iron (flat iron or round iron). Number Five: A final way to help your hair colour last as long as possible is to have it done properly by a trained Valvano colourist. All of our team spends time on training and retraining so they can get it right every time. Hair colour is not just about picking a colour, applying it and hoping for the best. Many factors play a part in getting the perfect colour best suited to your skin colour, eye colour and ultimately your life style. Your hair colour is the greatest form of self expression and a reflection of your personality. The Valvano team is committed to making you the best you. We have many forms of hair colour to work with, from permanent to semi-permanent and others. We pick and chose colour types best suited for your hair, in order to achieve the greatest end result delivering the most shine, vibrancy and condition to your hair.          


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